Private Equity

Capius assists growth equity and venture capital firms with all stages of the 
investment process.

During confirmatory diligence, Capius works on review of accounting statements 
and processes.  Capius can also perform Quality of Earnings analysis and limited verification procedures on financial statement balances.  This work results in the identification of :

-Potentially deal-killing issues
-Areas of concern that could affect valuation
-Risks to the company going forward that will require attention 
 and resources

Portfolio companies then use Capius infrastructure capabilities to ready the 
company for growth and to manage risk, consistent with the company's 
growth plan and strategy.

As the private equity company prepares the company for either an IPO or 
an acquisition, Capius assists in preparing the finance and IT functions at the company for either one of those exits to avoid a last-minute rush or failure to consummate the transaction.