Executive Advisory/Financial Leadership

Leadership requires the company have relevant experience in all critical areas of the business and the managerial skills to extract the best from employees. In most companies, the senior management is tasked with day-to-day activities which require both time and experience to deal with the breadth of activities leadership faces. They often lack the time to spend on critical, yet not time-sensitive, projects requiring focused attention. In smaller companies, the Board is often called upon to provide some of that leadership or experience, but often they do not have the bandwidth or specific expertise to recognize or address the issues.

Capius has expertise in managing many aspects of emerging life sciences and technology companies. We also have an extensive network of experts we can call upon for additional advice or resources. We have provided counsel to executive teams, and provided linkage between the company’s strategic goals, its financial plan and its operations. Ideally, companies have seasoned (e.g. people who have “been there, done that”) managers or CFOs to whom CEOs turn; often they do not, which is where Capius can help advise on specific project needs.

Case Study

The CFO of a medium-sized pharmaceutical company needed to upgrade the whole organization’s financial awareness in anticipation of slowing growth. The CFO also needed to improve the capabilities within the finance department so they can serve as more valuable partners to the executive team and organization as a whole.

Capius worked with the Executive Team to identify the relevant metrics to ensure that they were tracking the progress of the organization towards their stated strategy, as well as designed the company dashboard used at monthly executive management meetings. We also coached the existing Financial Planning and Analysis team and identified and implemented new budgeting and planning software. Throughout this process, Capius and the CFO partnered to generate ideas, share concerns and provide feedback on team and organizational development.

The result was that teams within the business functions are now more actively managing their budgets. They identified budget savings of up to 20% of total budgets. These savings have allowed the company to both improve operating profits and invest in additional growth projects.

Case Study

A private biotechnology company was conducting Phase 2 studies utilizing a novel, but untested approach. This phase of development was not something the Senior Management team had experience managing. While Capius was initially engaged to develop a capital market strategy for the company, we were able to provide so much more:

Capius successfully worked with this company to integrate their developed products, outsourced manufacturing, and adjusted product plans and translate them all into a financial reality.