Organization/Infrastructure Development

Companies need to grow their back-office infrastructure in step with their corporate strategy. Many companies either invest too far ahead of the curve, leaving them with expensive and wasted investments, or face growth without having invested enough. The latter case often requires a company to spend many times what they should have because projects need to be completed too quickly and are often re-done. This can be avoided by having a clear plan ahead of time identifying the required organizational changes.

Using a methodology developed over a large number of engagements getting finance and related infrastructure ready for growth, Capius is able to quickly and comprehensively identify what key infrastructure changes and decisions need to be made and provide an assessment of the priority of projects, and an expectation of the internal and external cost and timing of those projects. In some cases, Capius will also assist in providing help in completing infrastructure projects.

Case Study

A mid-size publically traded biotechnology company established a four year strategic goal to achieve 150% increase in operating revenue and 50% increase in headcount, including international expansion. The new CFO was seeking experienced guidance on future-state company size and structure to guide him in reorganizing his Finance and IT functions to support the strategic goals of the organization.

We assisted executive management in performing a systematic evaluation of the critical business infrastructure components to identify opportunities to enhance and restructure the business to support the growth strategy. We provided the executive team a comprehensive solution, integrating the people, processes and technologies. In addition, we performed benchmark analysis of analogous company organizational and finance department structures and activities to better support the case for change.

We advised management on both infrastructure and process enhancements resulting in:

Case Study

A privately held portfolio company of a large private equity firm was considering an Initial Public Offering. They needed to know whether the financial and organizational infrastructure was capable of supporting the company during the public offering process, and with SEC compliance post-IPO.

Capius reviewed key documents and interviewed key executives and the external audit partner of the company. Using a methodology developed over dozens of similar assignments, Capius quickly developed a report highlighting where the organization, processes and systems across Finance, IT, HR and Legal were strong and where they needed to be supplemented.

Within three weeks of the start of the assignment, Capius delivered a report to the CEO, CFO and Board of Directors identifying the earliest possible S-1 filing date. The report also identified what infrastructure hiring was needed and what systems and process projects needed to be undertaken. The report specified the prioritization, timing, resources needed and recommended accountability for each project. These projects, taken together, constitute a complete plan for that the company needs to do to both complete an IPO and to function well as a public company.